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The laboratory has always been the place where the highest safety and quality standards are a must.

Therefore KERAPLAN™ proposes its own monolithic ceramics, a totally environment-friendly material that has excellent characteristics of resistance to acids and deep abrasion, for the manufacture of special work surfaces for laboratory benches and fumes cupboards.


Born in 1971 as Keramos, our company researched and developed during over fifteen years ceramic mixtures to be employed in the manufacture of large-sized porcelain enamelled surface modules.

The actual KERAPLAN™ is the most important Italian manufacturer of laboratory ceramics, and one of the first in the world to use the High-Temperature Monofiring technique.




The special manufacturing technology of the worktops MAX Resistance ensures very good resistance to chemicals and the best price-quality ratio.

These worktops can be easily matched to the KERAPLAN™ acid-proof ceramic surfaces, because they are totally compatible in all sizes and shapes.


KERAPLAN™ offers a wide range of polypropylene items that perfectly match the classic KERAPLAN acid-proof ceramic worktops.

Large and smaller KERAPLAN™ sinks can be easily fitted in specially made cutouts and fastened with adhesives and sealers.


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